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Size Matters | WellBeing Campaign

Size Matters

Super-size? Mega-size? Jumbo deal? Two-for-one?

In restaurants and stores, the message is that bigger means better. But is it? Seeing too much food on our plates makes it too easy to overeat, especially when foods are high in sugar, fat, and salt.  Here’s an easy way to eat the right amount of food. Use your hands to measure healthy portions or serving sizes at each meal.


Two open hands

Grains, cereals, and pasta

One fist

Meats, fish, and other proteins

The size of your palm


One fist

Cheese, oils, and butter

One thumb tip

Chips, pretzels, popcorn

One handful

Nuts – 1 ounce

24 Almonds (160 calories)
6 Brazil nuts (190 calories)
18 Cashews (160 calories)
21 Hazelnuts (180 calories)
10-12 Macadamias (200 calories)
19 Pecan halves (200 calories)
167 Pine nuts (190 calories)
49 Pistachios (160 calories)
14 Walnut halves (190 calories)
28 Peanuts (160 calories)

Other simple ways to keep portion sizes under control:


  • Replace dinner-sized plates with smaller salad or lunch plates.
  • Feeling hungry between meals? Have a healthy snack.
  • When snacking, measure out one portion into a bowl, then put away the package.
  • Skip second and third helpings. Keep serving dishes off of the table.
  • Store tempting foods (cookies, chips, ice cream) out of sight, on high shelves or at the back of the freezer.
  • If you buy in bulk, divide out several smaller portions. Store the rest out of sight.