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Food Cravings | WellBeing Campaign

Food Cravings

Some people find it very hard to resist certain foods. They may lose control, and overeat, even though they feel guilty or unwell after eating so much. Foods that are high in sugar, fat and/or salt have this ¨äddictive¨ effect.


Find out what starts an irresistible desire for specific foods.

foodCravingsImageProgram yourself for success.

Anticipate what you will do. For example, tell yourself, “If I get near peanut M&Ms, I will keep walking.” Let the craving pass.

Stop the obsession.

Turn off your thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on the food or even get into a debate about whether to buy it or eat it.

Poison the thought of it.

Associate eating the food with something you do not want.

Wean yourself.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that eating the foods will cure your cravings. Actually, eating the foods intensifies the cravings. The more you eat, the more you want. Know that the less you eat, the less you will want. Cravings can fade. Let them fade.