Emotional Eating

Stress and negative feelings, like anxiety, fear, sadness, or loneliness, are a part of everyone’s life. Strong emotions can drive some people to eat to soothe anxiety or stress. Managing your emotions and reducing stress can prevent overeating for comfort and/or relief.


Care for yourself.

Take the time to breathe deeply; go for a walk or stretch your muscles; relax with music or a hot bath; play with your pet or kids; learn to meditate.

Deal with feelings.

Talk to a friend or family member; write down what you are feeling; let yourself cry; get the anger out by punching a pillow; accept that eating too much won’t solve the problem; talk to the person who is troubling you – can you try to find a solution together?

Distract yourself.

Get up and dance to music; play a game; read a good book or magazine; get outdoors; work on a craft or hobby; take a nap; watch a funny movie; ask someone to go for a walk with you.