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About | WellBeing Campaign


The Wellbeing Campaign is a four-year program led by National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado and funded by the Colorado Health Foundation. We have partnered with the Salud Family Health Centers, the Metro Community Provider Network (MCPN) and other community resources such as LiveWell Colorado and Hunger Free Colorado to make the Wellbeing Campaign a success.

The Campaign focuses on encouraging patients and providers to talk together about weight management so that patients understand the health risks of being overweight or obese. Conversations between patients and providers are also important so that patients are supported in developing and maintaining the long-term plans and goals required for healthy lifestyle changes.

The Salud and MCPN clinics offered patients and their own health care providers an opportunity to enroll into FitLogix, National Jewish Health’s 52-week web- and phone-based weight management program. We all worked together to also identify helpful tools and resources that both health care providers and patients can use to reach healthy lifestyle goals. Many of those tools and resources are also available on this website. We encourage you to check them out, and to watch the great success stories we have gathered during the Wellbeing Campaign program.

For more information on the Wellbeing Campaign, please contact the Office of Professional Education at National Jewish Health at 1-800-844-2305.

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